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8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring

8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring

Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring

Ref: TUR48


8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring
A fantastic Tungsten Carbide ring with chamfered edges, a brushed top plain and unusual nicked alternating geometric detailing. The chamfered edge and inside of the ring have a contrasting high polish.

The ring is 8mm wide and has been designed with rounded inside so it is more comfortable to wear.

The ring is marked inside with the manufacturers mark "UNIQUE" and "TUNGSTEN CARBIDE" so that you can be sure that you are receiving a genuine branded ring.

Specification :

Specification for 8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring

Brand : Unique

Product Name : Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring

Tungsten Ring : TUR48

Jewellery Item : Tungsten Ring

Made From : Tungsten Carbide

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this 8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring are deemed to be approximate, and may differ slightly between identical products.

The 8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring, as with any of our Tungsten Carbide Jewellery, is not deemed to be suitable for children under 3 years old due to the possibility of it being a chocking hazard.


Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring will arrive in a Unique Men branded Tungsten ring boxNicked Tungsten Carbide Ring will arrive in a an unbranded Slim Ring Box

Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring Packaging Options

Unique Men branded ring box (Special Delivery)

The Unique Men branded ring box is used when Special Delivery is selected as your delivery option.

Slim unbranded ring box (1st Class & Free Delivery)

is used when either 1st Class, or Free Delivery is chosen as your delivery option. The slim ring box is less than 20mm wide and allows us to send the Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring for a cheaper rate with Royal Mail's new priced by proportion policy. This allows us to maintain a subsidised 1st class, and free delivery service.

Please note that we are unable to send the Unique Men branded box by 1st Class or Free Delivery as it exceeds the 25mm limit set by Royal Mail.

Unique Jewelry Tungsten Ring Logo

Unique Jewelry Tungsten Ring Information

Unique Jewelry (American spelling) is a German jewellery manufacturing company specialising in Men's Jewellery, in alternative materials such as titanium and tungsten carbide. This 8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring is a Unique Jewellery product made in Tungsten Carbide as part of the Unique Men range.

The Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring is available in Euro sizing format which is a number format, such as 48,50,52 etc. Unfortunately the Euro sizing format does not completely line up with UK finger sizes so we have included an approximate UK finger size which has a slight tolerance of about 1/4 of a size.

The 8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring is made from tungsten carbide (with a nickel binder) the tungsten is so hard it is almost scratchproof in wear meaning it will retain its finish for much longer than other wedding rings. The Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring although considered a white metal, is more of a greyish colour. If you are looking for a true white colour, like white gold, then our Cobalt rings would be better suited.

It is not possible to size the 8mm Nicked Tungsten Carbide Ring as it is too hard to work with. We do however have a 30 day returns policy should you order the incorrect finger size.

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