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Titanium Puzzle Ring

Titanium Puzzle Ring

Titanium Puzzle Ring

Ref: UTR019


Titanium Puzzle Ring

An intriquing Titanium puzzle ring, comprised of two pieces of equal form that perfectly slot together in a Greek meander design. One of the sections is highly polished whilst the other has a matt texture making it appear darker in contrast. The inside is also highly polished. When the two sections are together; the ring measure 6mm wide.

The ring is marked inside with the manufacturers mark "UNQ" (Unique) and "TITANIUM" so that you can be sure that you are receiving a genuine branded item.

The Titanium Puzzle Ring is 37.99 with free UK delivery

We are unable to offer our engraving service on this Titanium Puzzle Ring

Ask us about UTR019

Specification :

Titanium Puzzle Ring

Brand :

Titanium Ring : UTR019

Titanium Puzzle Ring is made From Titanium

Titanium Puzzle Ring is made by Unique

Jewellery Item : Titanium Ring

Made From : Titanium


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