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Flat Titanium Ring

Flat Titanium Ring

Flat Titanium Ring

Ref: UTR016


Flat Titanium Ring

A simple Titanium flat profiled band ring measuring 7mm wide finished with a high polish inside and out. The inside is slightly rounded for comfortable everyday wear.

The ring is marked inside with the manufacturers mark "UNQ" (Unique) and "TITANIUM" so that you can be sure that you are receiving a genuine branded item.

Also available:
with a Satin finish (UTR15)
In 4mm (UTR084)
in 5mm (UTR086)

The Flat Titanium Ring is 32.99 with free UK delivery

Specification :

Flat Titanium Ring

Brand :

Titanium Ring : UTR016

Flat Titanium Ring is made From Titanium

Flat Titanium Ring is made by Unique

Jewellery Item : Titanium Ring

Made From : Titanium


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