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Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle

Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle
Titanium Plain Hinged BangleTitanium Hinged BangleHinged Titanium Bangle

Hinged Titanium Bangle

Ref: TIB02

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Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle

Classic titanium bangle hinged and with a high polish finish.

This titanium bangle is flat in profile and is hinged one third of the way round. The hinge section can be worn at the back of the wrist to give the appearance of a plain bangle, or worn to the front, and perhaps engraved to look like an identity bangle.

The bangle is very stylish in design due to the hinged design and popularity of being made of titanium. The bangle is easy to operate the clasp yourself and is very comfortable in wear.

The bangle is made of Ta2 grade titanium which is classed as commercially pure at 98 to 99% and carries a titanium logo inside the bangle.

The bangle is made to fit the average mans wrist, or a larger ladies wrist. Unfortunately this design is not available in larger sizes for larger men's wrists.

Approximate measurements of the titanium bangle are,

Width 7.6mm
Inside diameter 65mm (equals 21cm bracelet)
Weight 16.3 grams.

The Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle is 49.95 with free UK delivery

We are unable to offer our engraving service on this Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle

Specification :

Hinged Titanium Bangle

Brand :

Titanium Bangle : TIB02

Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle is made From Titanium

The Titanium Bangle measures , 7.6mm in width, Inside diameter 65mm inside diameter and Weighs (approx) 16.3 grams
Titanium Plain Hinged Bangle also has a Titanium logo inside

Titanium Bangle Size : Inside diameter 65mm

Jewellery Item : Titanium Bangle

Made From : Titanium

Width : 7.6mm

Weight (approx) : 16.3 grams

Markings : Titanium logo inside


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