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Titanium Rounded Trace Chain 2.4mm

Titanium Rounded Trace Chain 2.4mm
Titanium NecklaceTitanium Trace NecklaceTitanium Trace Chain

Rounded Trace Titanium Necklace

Ref: ETi2C

Made to order in 3 to 4 Working Days

Available in 41cm - 51cm lengths


Titanium Rounded Trace Chain 2.4mm

The finest of our titanium chains, this is very popular with women in the 18" length, closely followed by the shorter lengths.
The titanium chain is made from hypoallergenic titanium which is resistant to chlorine, salt water and perspiration so can still be worn during sporty activity without fear of tarnish or corrosion.
Although this titanium chain is our finest at 2.4mm, it is still many times stronger than a comparison chain made of gold, or even platinum due to its amazing strength to weight ratio. The titanium chain is also fitted with a lobster style clasp for extra strength which carries our own unique titanium logo on the side

The titanium chain is a rounded trace design which is ideal for hanging pendants on. The end ring which would pass through a pendant measures 4.5mm so the hole on any pendant would need to exceed this if you were fitting yourself. However if the hole on the pendant is smaller than 4.5mm, but greater than 2.5mm we would be happy to fit this for you free of charge in our workshop.

The Titanium Rounded Trace Chain 2.4mm is 36.95 with free UK delivery

Specification :

Rounded Trace Titanium Necklace

Brand :

Titanium Chain : ETi2C

Titanium Rounded Trace Chain 2.4mm is made From Titanium

The Titanium Chain measures 41cm - 51cm in length , 2.4mm in width, 2.4mm in depth and Weighs (approx) 2.5 grams based on 51cm
Titanium Rounded Trace Chain 2.4mm also has a Titanium logo on lobster clasp

Jewellery Item : Titanium Chain

Made From : Titanium

Length : 41cm - 51cm

Width : 2.4mm

Depth : 2.4mm

Weight (approx) : 2.5 grams based on 51cm

Markings : Titanium logo on lobster clasp


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Titanium Chains & Necklaces

Our range of titanium chains are made from commercially pure titanium (98% - 99% pure)
All of our titanium jewellery is completely hypoallergenic making them the ideal chain for anyone with sensitive skin, and with a high resistance to chlorine, sea water and perspiration your titanium chain will not tarnish in wear.

Available in a choice of lengths up to a maximum of 51cm. If we do not advertise your length, please ask us for a custom length to be made for you.

All of our titanium necklaces, anklets and bracelets are made in our own workshop in around 3 to 5 working days.

All the links in the chain are welded for extra strength, with exception to the clasp fittings which are substantial in comparison.

Should we not have a style, or length suitable for you, we also have a range of titanium chains by Ti2 Titanium available on our sister website here, Ti2 Titanium Chains