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Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings

Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings

Silver Wreath Earrings

Ref: CE1631


Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings
Strands of silver twisted around and held together like a christmas wreath in these gorgeous solid silver drop earrings – perfect for any time of year.

These attractive silver earrings are for pierced ears, and hang delicately from solid silver earring wires where they are both discretely hallmarked.

All Tianguis Jackson silver jewellery is hand-made in Mexico, and fully hallmarked (925) in the UK.

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Specification :

Specification for Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings

Brand : Tianguis Jackson

Product Name : Silver Wreath Earrings

Silver Earrings : CE1631

Jewellery Item : Silver Earrings

Made From : Sterling Silver

EAN : 0689214436708

UPC : 689214436708

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings are deemed to be approximate, and may differ slightly between identical products.

The Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings, as with any of our Sterling Silver Jewellery, is not deemed to be suitable for children under 3 years old due to the possibility of it being a chocking hazard.


Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings Packaging

Silver Wreath Earrings will arrive in a Tianguis Jackson branded earring box

This Silver Wreath Earrings will arrive in a Tianguis Jackson Silver Earrings presentation box

All of our Tianguis Jackson Silver Earrings will arrive in black and white packaging as shown. We can also supply a blue leatherette Quality Silver branded box upon request if you would prefer.

The silver colour of the Silver Wreath Earrings looks very sleek against the contrasting black colour on the inside of all our Silver Earrings packaging.

Tianguis Jackson Earrings Returns Policy

We are happy to include this pair of Tianguis Jackson Silver Wreath Earrings in our normal 30 day returns policy.

Normally earrings are usually exempt from being returned once purchased for hygiene reasons, unfortunately we find this restricts sales as customers are more likely to simply not order if returns are not allowed. By allowing returns we feel that you are more likely to purchase these Silver Wreath Earrings.

Please note that we are only able to offer this returns policy as long as earring returns are low, should earring returns increase to a level that makes this policy unviable, then we may withdraw this returns policy.

Any returned earrings are not resold on the website, instead we pass them to a local company that then sells them as previously owned, or customer returns.

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