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Men's Silver Double Dog Tags

Men's Silver Double Dog Tags


Men's Silver Double Dog Tags

Ref: R203956

Dispatched in 1 to 2 Working Days


Men's Silver Double Dog Tags
A set of two masculine sterling silver dog tags, of different sizes, in the shape of a curved oblong. Both dog tags are removable so that you can wear just one, or both at a time. A separate length of ball chain is also provided so that one dog tag can be worn hanging off the first in true military style. This system of a separate chain with the dog tags at different levels was so that the main dog tag would stay around the soldiers neck for identification purposes whilst the lower dog tag could be easily removed and retained by a comrade and taken back to base for recording any details about the soldier should he fall in battle.

The chain and dog tags are made of sterling silver and carry a full UK hallmark near the clasp.

The chain is a silver ball chain, also known as a plug chain and is 22 inches in length and fitted with a sturdy trigger clasp. The additional bead chain for the second dog tag is 4 inches in length (2 inch drop) but is detachable.

There is plenty of room to engrave a lot of information on both of the dog tags, although this is a service that we are unable to offer.

Measurements are as follows, dog tag 1 is 34mm x 19mm, dog tag 2 is 21mm x 31mm, the thickness of the chain is 3mm whilst the total weight of both dog tags and chain is approximately 30 grams.

Specification :

Specification for Men's Silver Double Dog Tags

Brand : Quality Silver

Product Name : Men's Silver Double Dog Tags

Silver Necklace : R203956

Jewellery Item : Silver Necklace

Made From : Sterling Silver

Length : 56 cm = 22 inches

Weight (approx) : 31.2 grams

Hallmark : Full UK Hallmark

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Men's Silver Double Dog Tags are deemed to be approximate, and may differ slightly between identical products.

The Men's Silver Double Dog Tags, as with any of our Sterling Silver Jewellery, is not deemed to be suitable for children under 3 years old due to the possibility of it being a chocking hazard.


Men's Silver Double Dog Tags is eligible for Free UK Delivery

Men's Silver Double Dog Tags will arrive in a Quality Silver branded necklace boxMen's Silver Double Dog Tags will arrive in a an unbranded Slim necklace Box

Men's Silver Double Dog Tags Packaging Options

Branded Silver Necklace Box (1st Class & Special Delivery)

The blue leatherette Quality Silver branded box is used when 1st Class or Special Delivery are selected as your delivery option.

Slim Unbranded Box (Free Delivery)

Is used when Free Delivery is chosen as your delivery option. The slim Silver Necklace box is less than 20mm deep and allows us to send the Men's Silver Double Dog Tags for a cheaper rate with Royal Mail's new priced by proportion policy. This allows us to maintain a subsidised free delivery service.

Please note that we are unable to send the branded Silver Necklace box via our Free Delivery option as it exceeds the 25mm limit set by Royal Mail.

If you are purchasing Men's Silver Double Dog Tags as a gift for someone we would advise upgrading to the branded jewellery box as it is a much nicer box to be given as a present. The unbranded box is really only for the purpose of protection in transit where the customer is not really concerned with the packaging, and would prefer free delivery.

Our Men's Silver Double Dog Tags is made from sterling silver (925)

Men's Silver Double Dog Tags

The Men's Silver Double Dog Tags is sold as our own product under the Quality Silver brand. This means that the Men's Silver Double Dog Tags is either made, or commissioned by us, or is made by a small Silver jewellery manufacturer, designer or wholesaler that does not have its own branding.

All of our silver jewellery including our Silver Necklace s are made from sterling silver and will carry a either a UK hallmark, or 925 marking.

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