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Silver Brooches

Painters Palette Silver and Amber Brooch


Fabulous silver brooch, in the shape of an artist's palette, incorporating beautiful shades of coloured amber.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Fox Brooch


A really sleek sterling silver brooch which features a foxes head, with pointy ears with a flat curved body.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Giraffe Brooch


This quirky giraffe brooch has beautifully realistic oxidised black markings.

Tianguis Jackson Silver and Pearl Leaf Brooch


A delicate strand of silver wraps around and overlaps to create an abstract leaf shape. The end is capped off with a single white fresh water pearl.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Bee Brooch


An intricate solid silver bee brooch with heavy black oxidized finish.

Nicole Barr Silver and Yellow Sapphire Enamel Bee Brooch


A striking Sterling Silver (925) bee brooch adorned with vitreous enamels set with yellow Sapphires.

Nicole Barr Silver and Pearl Dogwood Flower Enamel Brooch


A fantastic Sterling Silver (925) Dogwood flower brooch beautifully finished with white vitreous enamel and a central creamy white Pearl.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Art Nouvea Leaf Brooch


A remarkable Art Nouveau style solid silver double leaf style brooch.

Nicole Barr Silver Blue Marlin Fish Enamel Brooch


A fantastic Sterling Silver (925) marlin fish brooch brightly coloured vitreous enamel and set with a Diamond eye.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Cat with Kitten Brooch


A cute silver cat and kitten brooch by Tianguis Jackson.

Nicole Barr Silver and Diamond Enamel Swans Brooch


An eye-catching Sterling Silver (925) brooch of two swans finished with black and white vitreous enamels, Diamonds and a Pearl.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Open Cat Brooch


A wonderful minimalist solid silver cat design brooch, with a cute twist in his tail.

Nicole Barr Silver and Sapphire Enamel Butterfly Brooch


A stylish Sterling Silver (925) butterfly brooch delicately coloured with 'plique-á-Jour' enamel and set with blue and white Sapphires.

Tianguis Jackson Silver and CZ Cat Brooch


This elegant solid silver cat brooch is adorned with a cubic zirconia collar.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Open Cat Brooch


Stunning solid silver cat brooch in a cut-out design.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Tiger Lily Flower Brooch


A beautiful solid silver tiger lily flower brooch

Tianguis Jackson Silver Scottie Dog Brooch


Silver terrier dog brooch by Tianguis Jackson.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Ribbon Loop Brooch


This simply designed handmade solid silver brooch is comprised of a single wide ribbon of silver, delicately looped over.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Butterfly Brooch


This delightful solid silver butterfly brooch has been designed with a modern take of the filigree style.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Dragonfly Brooch


This stunning solid silver dragonfly brooch has two sets of wings, one below with a perfectly textured and above with a high polish.

Tianguis Jackson Silver School of Fish Brooch


This remarkable solid silver brooch depicts a small school of nine fish all swimming in the same direction.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Noah's Ark Brooch


This cute little Noah's Arc Brooch is laiden with animals.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Loop-de-Loop Brooch


This contemporary handmade solid silver brooch is comprised of a single strand of silver, delicately looped over and over to create an simple shape.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Abstract Clown Brooch and Pendant


An abstract silver clown that can be worn as either a brooch, or pendant.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Musical Brooch


A silver brooch with a musical theme.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Rose Bushel Brooch


A beautifully traditional rose bushel solid silver brooch; includes one open flower, one bud and several leaves.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Treble Clef Brooch


A beautiful sterling silver brooch in the shape of a treble clef.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Butterfly Brooch


A beautiful sterling silver butterfly brooch from the Tianguis Jackson Collection.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Mexican Mythical Bird Brooch


A fantastic silver bird brooch with swirling plumage.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Craft Scissors Brooch


An attractive pair of dainty but solid silver scissors, perfect for the seamstress or hair dresser in your life.

Tianguis Jackson Silver Butterfly Brooch


This fabulous large solid silver butterfly brooch is viewed from a side profile, the wings have delicate strands cut out, so the fabric of your choice can be seen showing through when you wear it.

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