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Rhodium Plating Discount Code

Discount Codes for Rhodium Plating

We have teamed up with Jewellery Workshop Maidstone to offer you the following discount codes for the rhodium plating service.

RHODIUM200 = £2.00 off a single item to be rhodium plated.

RHODIUM10 = 10% off rhodium plating when you have 2 or more items rhodium plated at the same time.

When you visit Jewellery Workshop Rhodium Plating page HERE you can download a form to send with your jewellery.

If you write on the form Quality Silver Coupon Code and either RHODIUM200 or RHODIUM10 Jewellery Workshop will discount your work accordingly.

* These voucher codes are exclusive to Quality Silver, if the codes are published on other websites then the code will be cancelled, and changed.

Codes can only be used against Rhodium Plating

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