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Nicole Barr

Nicole Barr has been making enamel jewellery of superb quality for over 30 years now, using procedures that became well known in the 1900's by jewellers of the likes of Tiffany, Lalique and Faberge.

Nicole Barr however has brought these design ideas into the 21st Century, making each piece a fashionable style for today's wear.
Each piece of Nicole Barr jewellery has been hand made at each step, literally from the casting of the silver and gold, right through to the kiln fired enamel colours which are applied by hand, and the gemstone settings.

In this beautiful collection of Nicole Barr jewellery, you will find earrings, pendants, bracelets and brooches. All items will come in a Nicole Barr branded gift box.

Our Nicole Barr has been rated 10 out of 10 based upon more than 1 customer reviews.

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