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Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring

Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring

Zirconium Chevron Ring


Available in UK Sizes A to Z+6 including half sizes


Geti</a> returns policy

Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring
A simple black flat profile Zirconium ring with a natural band adorned with a chevron pattern

The ring shown is the heavy weight (2.25mm) 7mm version with a satin band and polished edges.

Specification :

Specification for Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring

Brand : Geti

Product Name : Zirconium Chevron Ring

Zirconium Ring : Z119RBCHEVRON

Jewellery Item : Zirconium Ring

Made From : Zirconium

Ring Width : 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, other widths may be available upon request.

Ring Profile : Chamfered

UK Finger Sizes : A to Z+6 including half sizes

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring are deemed to be approximate, and may differ slightly between identical products.

The Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring, as with any of our Zirconium Jewellery, is not deemed to be suitable for children under 3 years old due to the possibility of it being a chocking hazard.


Zirconium Chevron Ring will arrive in a Geti branded Ring presentation box

Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring Packaging

This Zirconium Chevron Ring will arrive in a Geti Zirconium Ring presentation box

All of our Geti Zirconium Rings will arrive in a Geti presentation box.

Geti Zirconium Ring Logo

Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring Information

Geti is a UK based engineering company specialising in the manufacture of titanium wedding rings, and zirconium wedding rings, of which this Zirconium Chevron Ring is one of their designs.

The Zirconium Chevron Ring is individually made to your own requirements, making it truly unique to you. We have provided some drop down boxes with different specification to help you design your own unique Zirconium Ring, however this is only a suggestion, and we are open to the possibility to additional specification upon request.

The Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring is a made to order product usually taking around 21 working days.

As this Zirconium Chevron Ring is specifically made for you, if the Zirconium Ring is returned to us for a change of finger size, or indeed any other change of specification then a new ring will need to be manufactured.

If the Geti Zirconium Chevron Ring is returned to us for any change, or a refund we will not be able to resell the Zirconium Ring at full price, and will levy a returns fee of 25%. This will allow us to sell the ring in our sale section with a 25% discount.

Personalised Zirconium Rings

If the Zirconium Ring has any kind of personalised design, engraving, or further design changes that were requested then unfortunately we are unable to receive the Zirconium Ring back as we are unable to resell personalised designs.

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