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Set 2.5mm Black Diamond

Set 2.5mm Black Diamond

2.5mm Black Diamond

Ref: BDIA25

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Set 2.5mm Black Diamond

This service is to set a 2.5mm black diamond into one of our titanium rings prefixed TI.

This 2.5mm black diamond is only suitable for titanium court rings 5mm and wider and titanium flat rings 4mm and wider.

The ring pictured is TI06 a 6mm titanium court ring set with a 2.5 mm black diamond.

The Set 2.5mm Black Diamond is 70 with free UK delivery

We are unable to offer our engraving service on this Set 2.5mm Black Diamond

Specification :

2.5mm Black Diamond

Brand :

Gemstone : BDIA25

Set 2.5mm Black Diamond is made From

The Gemstone measures , 2.5mm in width

Set 2.5mm Black Diamond is also set with Diamond and Black Diamond

Set 2.5mm Black Diamond is made by Titan Jewellery

Jewellery Item : Gemstone

Width : 2.5mm


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