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6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring

6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring

Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring

Ref: CCR10

Dispatched in 2 Working Days

UK Sizes N to Z+6 in stock


6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring
A traditional 6mm court wedding ring made of fabulously white cobalt with a modern brushed textured finish.

This classic ring has a court profile which is curved on the outside but also has a slightly rounded inside for a soft edge and comfortable fit. The ring has depth of 2.3mm and has been completed with a tactile brushed finish on the outside, and a highly polished interior. The brushed finish is applied in our personal jewellery workshop in the UK so effects can vary - if you wish to have two identically finished wedding rings we recommend ordering them at the same time so we can ensure they match.

Cobalt has a naturally occurring bright metallic white colour all the way through, that when professionally finished is very similar to that of other popular metals like platinum and white gold, but without the initial cost, and the often yearly maintenance costs that have come to be associated with them.

Our range of cobalt rings are incredibly durable and although not 100% scratch proof, they will resist scratching better than most other rings. The beauty of the brushed texture is that is can hide most superficial scratches in its texture.

The inside of the ring you will find a discrete logo of the text "Cobalt".

After some time, if the cobalt ring does become lightly marked or scratched, then it is possible to have the ring refinished by a local independent jeweller.

Specification :

Specification for 6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring

Brand : Titan Jewellery

Product Name : Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring

Cobalt Ring : CCR10

Jewellery Item : Cobalt Ring

Made From : Cobalt

Ring Finish : Brushed

Ring Width : 6mm

Ring Profile : Court (rounded inside as well as outside)

UK Finger Sizes : N to Z+6

Depth : 2.3mm

Markings : Cobalt inside the ring

EAN : 0689214426358

UPC : 689214426358

Disclaimer : All measurements, sizes and weights published for this 6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring are deemed to be approximate, and may differ slightly between identical products.

The 6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring, as with any of our Cobalt Jewellery, is not deemed to be suitable for children under 3 years old due to the possibility of it being a chocking hazard.


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Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring Packaging Options

Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring will arrive in a Cobalt branded ring boxSatin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring will arrive in a an unbranded Slim Ring Box

Cobalt branded ring box (Special Delivery)

The cobalt branded ring box is used when Special Delivery is selected as your delivery option.

Slim unbranded ring box (1st Class & Free Delivery)

is used when either 1st Class, or Free Delivery is chosen as your delivery option. The slim ring box is less than 20mm wide and allows us to send the Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring for a cheaper rate with Royal Mail's new priced by proportion policy. This allows us to maintain a subsidised 1st class, and free delivery service.

Please note that we are unable to send the branded box by 1st Class or Free Delivery as it exceeds the 25mm limit set by Royal Mail.

Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring will arrive in a Cobalt branded ring box

Satin Brushed 6mm Cobalt Ring is completely white

Cobalt Rings are naturally white

Cobalt rings are completely white, all the way through and are a very comparable colour to platinum or white gold.

The brilliant colour of our cobalt rings is not just a plating or finish, it is the natural colour.

We have cut a cobalt 6mm court ring into 2 pieces just to show you the internal colour of our cobalt rings, and as you can see it is still a brilliant white colour inside. Cobalt rings are extremely tough and more scratch resistant than any precious metals, or titanium.

Although scratch resistant, they are not scratch proof so it is likely that you may mark the ring in time, however, most independent jewellers are able to repolish them, including ourselves.

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Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

Titan Jewellery #SBS Winner

Our Titan Jewellery range has won the Theo paphitis #SBS award for the great products within the range, including this 6mm Brushed Court Cobalt Ring.

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