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2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring

2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring

2mm Silver Wedding Ring

Ref: S02DS

Made to order in 5 to 7 working days

UK Sizes I to P


2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring

The thinnest of our silver wedding rings on the website at just 2mm wide, and in a "D" shape profile.

The silver wedding ring is 2mm wide, and 1.3mm to 1.5mm deep also making it one of our shallowest wedding rings on the website.

The 2mm silver wedding ring is only available in Women's finger sizes I to P, including half sizes.

A "D" profile wedding is where the wedding ring is rounded on outside but flat on the inside, these are probably the most common style of wedding ring that you will see and as such are classed as our standard wedding ring range. For a more comfortable fit we would recommend our silver court wedding rings which are also rounded inside, as well as outside.

The ring is made of sterling silver (92.5% pure) also commonly known as 925 silver and features a full UK hallmark inside the silver wedding ring.

The 2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring is 35.95 with free UK delivery

Specification :

2mm Silver Wedding Ring

Brand : Titan Jewellery

Silver Wedding Ring : S02DS

2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring is made From Sterling Silver with none

The Silver Wedding Ring measures and Weighs (approx) 1.4 - 1.6 grams approx
2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring also has a Sterling Silver UK Hallmark

2mm Sterling Silver Wedding Ring is made by Quality Silver

Jewellery Item : Silver Wedding Ring

Made From : Sterling Silver

Ring Width : 2mm

Ring Profile : D Shape

UK Finger Sizes : I to P

Weight (approx) : 1.4 - 1.6 grams approx

Markings : Sterling Silver UK Hallmark


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Sterling Silver Wedding Rings

Silver Wedding Ring Information -
Our standard silver wedding rings are also known as a D profile due to the shape of the ring, rounded on the outside whilst completely flat on the inside.

The amount the ring is rounded on the outside depends on the width of the ring, with the thinner wedding rings being noticeably rounded, whilst the wider the ring, the more shallow the profile.

Our selection of rings in this range start at the thinnest women's 2mm silver wedding ring, up to our widest men's silver wedding ring at 12mm in finger size I to Z available.

Each of our wedding rings is made from sterling silver, and carries a full UK hallmark on the inside of the ring.